Environmental Care Initiatives

Fingal Bay Sports Club are committed to creating an environmentally sustainable future:

The Last Straw

Fingal Bay Sports Club have put away drinking straws in an effort to reduce plastic waste. We have replaced them with Recyclable Paper straws and will only hand them out when specifically asked for one.

Proudly supporting The Last Straw Movement

Reusable Carry Bags

Fingal Bay Sports Club have replaced single use plastic bags to reusable carry bags at our weekly raffle sessions. The reusable carry bags are made from HDPR resin and are designed to be used multiple times.

We encourage you to reuse your carry bags at our raffle sessions or recycle them at supermarket collection bins when no longer required.

Paperless Office Programs

Fingal Bay Sports Club use multiple paperless office programs to reduce our use of paper in the work environment. Not only has the reduction in paper made a significant reduction in paper sent to landfill, it has also led to the reduction of printing inks and toners being used which are damaging to our environment.

Return & Earn

Fingal Bay Sports Club are proud to be a return point for our local community. Located in our car park, you can recycle up to 500 containers in our reverse vending machines and even donate your return to a local charity.

Street Library

Fingal Bay Sports Club to have are proud to have a Street Library on premise to help the re-use of books within our local community. Located near our kids play area, you are invited to grab a book and enjoy the joys of reading.

Solar Power System

Fingal Bay Sports Club are proud to have flicked the switch and be powered by sunshine after installing a $100,000 solar panel system on our club roof.

The 181-panel system helps our club reduce electricity running costs and will save an estimate of 75,000kg of carbon dioxide entering the atmosphere. That is the same as taking 16 cars off the road annually!


Fingal Bay Sports Club are proud to be recycling our used plastic lids through the Lids4Kids volunteer project.

Lids4Kids Australia collect plastic bottle lids from landfill to benefit the environment and donate them to organisation Envision who turn them into mobility aids for children with a disability.

For more information on the Lids4Kids Program, pleaseĀ click here